A picture paints a thousand words. This is especially true of commercial marketing. If you wish others to know of a particular skill you possess, or a particular product that you market, and you desire "word of mouth" promotion, your PRINZBOOK would be an invaluable promotional tool. If you are a florist, a makeover artiste, a freelance designer, or if you work independently in a host of other professions, your PRINZBOOK will sell your ability and talents more effectively than anything else can.

We can advise you how to display your products and plan your visual presentation to create the most impressive effect. The photos in your PRINZBOOK will give the viewer a clear and unbiased picture of what you have to offer. If you are a floral designer, for instance, the quality of your craft is revealed right there in your PRINZBOOK. Simply because seeing is believing.


Here are some excellent suggestions for using your PRINZBOOK:

  • As a newsletter for distribution to a limited number of persons.
  • As a gesture of appreciation for a loyal, long-term staff who is retiring.
  • As a souvenir of a joyful event such as a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary.
  • As a compilation of all the most meaningful and memorable moments in your life
  • As a collection of photos of your favourite things and persons - your home, your pets, your family members and friends, your favourite places in Penang, etc.
  • As a record of your own family history in pictures - your pictures and those of your family members at different times of your lives.
  • As a professional-looking record of all the texts that you have written and wish to preserve.
  • As an invaluable record of things you find useful, such as blueprints, contracts, specifications, formulas, data, recipes, etc.