Frequently Asked Questions (2/5)

  • What computer set up do I need to run the software?

    • Pentium III 4.0 or better
    • 512 MB or more memory
    • a minimum screen setting of 800x600 (Although 1024 x 768 is recommended)
    • a broadband internet connection or a CD burner
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5
  • Can you do the layout design for me?

    Yes, there will be a additional charges of RM 10 for each page.

  • How is a PRINZBOOK printed?

    Your PRINZBOOK will be printed using the latest high quality digital process. We use high quality 170 gsm silk finish paper, which is recommended for use with the printer. It has a life expectancy of 200+ years if stored in ideal conditions.

  • What is the ordering process?

    After creating your PRINZBOOK using PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR you will generate an album file that needs to be sent to PRINZWORKS for printing. If you have broadband you can do this online, or alternatively you can put the file on CD and send that to us. Payment can be made online or via direct payment. Once we have recieved your file and payment we will print, bind and courier your book back to you through express post.

  • How do I send the file to you?

    The PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR software creates PZB files, which are the files you open each time you wish to view or work on your book. When you are ready to generate your finished book, the PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR software creates a file, which you then send to PRINZWORKS for printing. You can do this by uploading it if you have broadband, or by creating a CD and posting it to PRINZWORKS.