Frequently Asked Questions (1/5)

  • What is a PRINZBOOK?

    A PRINZBOOK is a unique and beautiful way to preserve and share your memories, featuring your own personal photos. They make great gifts and special keepsakes for you, your family and friends. With PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR, you can design a customized photo album with your choice of cover, theme, background, book style and more. With yours PC, they’re fun and simple to create using your digital photos and our custom templates.

  • What do I have to do to begin working on my PRINZBOOK?

    Simply download the PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR from the Internet and you are ready to go. Click here to start the download. The download is of course free and without obligations. Make sure you create a new set of layouts for each album dimension.

  • How do I install the software?

    Once the download is complete simply double click on the "prinzbook.exe" and follow the setup wizard.

  • How many photos do I need to make a PRINZBOOK?

    Since the minimum number of pages in a PRINZBOOK is 20, we suggest a minimum of 20 pictures, although you can add as many photos to a page as physically possible. You may also choose a combination of photo and text pages.

  • How do I create a PRINZBOOK?

    Creating a PRINZWORKS is a matter of downloading the PRINZBOOK TEMPLATE EDITOR software and installing this on your computer. OR, you may upload your file via our's ordering pages